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About Us

    She is Website Consultant, Strategist and Visual Designer and owner of 57PixelMedia. She   has provided robust and comprehensive solutions in terms of CMS, E-commerce, and SMM for   Startups, Digital Companies and Enterprises. She is User Experience and Usability   enthusiast. She is also author for online product based company at   Amstredam.

Specialties: Website Consultancy, Usability Analyst, Visual Designer, UX Designer, Social Media Planning, Internet Marketing, Project Management.

We at 57Pixelmedia bring a decade of experience in Web Effective Solutions. We go the extra mile in delivering user friendly web solutions for you. Our skills and expertise ensures that you achieve your vision and also you get maximum return on investment. Whether you need inspiring web designs, out of the rich media banner designs, search engine friendly solutions or simply web development suggestions, reach out to us and be assured we will be delivering dedicated services. We don't say we are experts in our field as we feel there is always scope for learning and growing in your field of expertise. But we challange ourselves to strive for best for our clients and their vision. We are evolving everyday by attending seminars, conferences We believe in having niche in whatever we do and do our best to learn and move forward, maybe thats why we are proud to be 900 old websites (combined), but we still feel we have miles to go. Successful execution of these efforts requires the active participation of both client and consultancy. As a result, it is our intention to develop on-going relationships with our clients.


What to expect from us

Powerful web presence with unique visual edge to maximize business profits. Simply because we understand your Vision and we make it is our mission to live up to the faith you have in us, always.


Contact Us

Even if you are not sure what works best for your business and you, through our Consultation (Pixel Process) we develop step by step plan and customized solutions just for you and your business, while helping you marshall and allocate your resources in more efficient and dynamic ways.
You can contact us by filling out form on right or email us at info@57pixelmedia.com.