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About Us


Gagan – Visual Designer, Website Strategist and UX Designer

Iam Website Consultant, Strategist and Visual Designer and owner of 57PixelMedia. I have provided robust and comprehensive solutions in terms of CMS, E-commerce for Startups, Digital Companies and Businesses.
Iam also User Experience and Usability enthusiast. I have also written for online product based company at Amsterdam. My article was on "How to make your website as effective marketing tool" and it received rave reviews.

Interviewed by Annmarie Cross weekly "Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Show

You can listen to my poadcast here (36mins)

On the show Gagan shared:

– 3 key factors for planning your website to increase the conversion rate and less bounce rate on the website;
– How to design your website as an effective marketing tool;
– How to build your reputation and credibility and how social media plays an important role;
and much more

Do you have a question? Or do you want to share a comment or ‘aha’ moment? email me .


Jeff Chapman – Brand Marketing Consultant

Every business has a brand, but many businesses do not properly invest in their brand image. A business may have a fantastic product, service or concept, but without the right branding image in today’s competitive market, many businesses do not succeed. I'm Jeff Chapman with 57PixelMedia, and I have been an Entrepreneur and Brand Marketing Consultant for over ten years. I hope for an opportunity to assist you and your business with relevant and insightful branding and marketing that will give you a competitive edge in business. I can help create a brand image that is sure to bring success to you and your business. I hope you will consider 57PixelMedia for your business branding and marketing needs. Email me at info@57pixelmedia.com