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05 Jul 2013 SEO – How to Register a Business in Google – Part 2

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When local residents search for terms related to your business, you want your business to show up as one of the top results. Fortunately, it’s easy to make this happen when you register your business in the section of Google …

12 Jun 2013 SEO – Tools, Tips and Tricks – Part 1

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In this article I want to talk about my own experience in Search Engine Optimization. And to share with you some WordPress SEO tips and tricks used to optimize. I hope that at least some stuff will be valuable to you and you will use it on your websites.

08 Mar 2013 Banner 3

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28 Jan 2013 Ten Usability Heuristics

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These are ten general principles for user interface design. They are called “heuristics” because they are more in the nature of rules of thumb than specific usability guidelines. Visibility of system status The system should always keep users informed about …

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