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We at 57PixelMedia provide you the best consultation services for designing and developing your web presence. Getting a new website for your business or revamping an existing website is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot of time and effort in the planning and execution of the process. We can be your consulting partner and develop a well-planned work strategy which can provide you optimal solution while cutting down your development costs.

New Website to Enhance Your Web Presence

If you want to get a new website developed for your business then we can provide you the best designing and development consultation services.

Research and Analysis: We do an extensive research to not only understand your to understand your businessvision, mission and target audience to create best strategy to establish your successful online presence.

Understanding Your Requirements: We review your project requirements and provide you the best customized solutions that resonates with your audience.

Complete Web Presence: We provide you interactive and engaging solutions for website and social media presence that connects your business with the audience on every platform.

Strategic Guidance: We guide you through step by step process on building website and successful social media presence.

Continued Support : We are with you even after the website goes live and providing you training on how to maintain, update website and social media presence .

Items we can cover in your Strategy Session include:
• How a blog works and how to publish content to your blog?
• How to optimize your website content?
• How to use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for marketing?
• What to blog about or post about on social media?
• Defining your ideal client and choosing a niche?
• How to use WordPress?
• What is content marketing and how can it help your business?

Redesigning Your Existing Website:

If you are thinking of revamping your existing website, blog or social media presence but not sure of the right process and methodology to follow then we can help you answer your doubts and lead you to the right path

Analyze your existing site: We review your website design and structure to to understand your user journey through the site and provide you technical recommendations to minimize user distractions, thereby site improving conversions on your site.

Analyze Web Content: We plan a detailed content analysis of your site and provide suggestions to optimize your existing web content so as to make it more effective for search engines and site visitors.

Blog Review: As a part of reviewing your existing web presence, we review of your blog, the tools and elements used, and the published posts to make sure you’re taking advantage of all your blog can do for you.

Website Optimization Review: A complete site’s health check is done on your website to review its on-page optimization. like usage of meta tags, titles tags, anchor text links, alt tags for images, header tags and much more to help you improve your search engine rankings

List Building Review: A review of your list-building opt-in and irresistible free offer to uncover simple changes you can make to attract more people to your list.

In your customized Website Review and Consultation, you’ll receive a fresh perspective on your website, ideas to make your website more effective, resources to help you take swift action, and strategies you can do yourself to improve your search engine rankings.


1. Phone/Video consultation
Each Website Review and Consultation includes 60 minute to 120 mintues (in 2 phases) of phone consultation where you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your website with simple action steps you can implement right away. Your phone consultation is custom tailored to cover exactly what you need the most and is audio recorded so you can listen to it over.

2. Slides, Page flow, Wireframes recommending updations or changes
We will send you comprehensive document/slides on all the changes and recommendation we discussed over phone, so that you can refer them visually along with audio. Your designer or developer can review each page slide with sections and create similar design/flow for the site.

3. Review recommendations
We will review all the changes and recommendation we suggested during phase 1, this in techinical term called as Q&A Quality Analysis, so that we achieve the focus and aim that you shared with us during the process.


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