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Customized Content Management System

While creating your Website Design, we will explore your website structure and organization, your irresistible free offer, the best way to present your information, what to include in your sidebar and footer, and how to make your site a magnet for new clients and customers. We will also help you plan how visitors will move through your site, experience your brand, and interact with your message. Finally, we will design all aspects of your website including page templates for your main site pages, blog pages, and sales pages, as well as the insertion, formatting, and design of your website content.

Here are some examples of the work that we have undertaken for clients:


If you are a successful entrepreneur or business owner and you’re ready to transform your business into an extraordinary brand that will support you in stepping out and stepping up as an authority to serve in a big way, this is the package for you.

Media: Customized website design with CMS and Cashie shopping cart
Technologies: WordPress
Website: www.rhondabhodge.com
We approached RhondaBHodge through our Idea Matters process and develop a detailed branding strategy that outlines the specific brand attributes and branding plan.
•Creating various branding platform but still linking them on one stage.
•Admin can update information on the site.
•Created Advertising program.
•Personalizing each category
•Flexibility of uploading content, images, gallery and campaign.

Media: Customized website design with CMS and Virtuemart shopping cart
Technologies: php
Website: www.raw4pawsandmore.com
Raw4pawsandmore counsel pet guardians on how to maintain healthy and happy animals using the most natural alternative ways available. We have found that the most effective way to accomplish that is to provide pets with “prepared” meals of human grade fresh vegetables and fresh proteins. Client can upload videos, content, edit/delete pages and create new sections too. Client can add products with its detail.

Media: Customized wordpress website with CMS
Technologies: WordPress
Website: www.securonix.com
Securonix provides Security Intelligence solutions for combating Advanced Targeted Threats. Every page content and elements on the page can be customized through wordpress widget. Client can upload videos, content, edit/delete pages and create new sections too. Client can also edit homepage top panel slider images with relevant images.

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