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Website Development

While creating your Website Design, we will explore your website structure and organization, your irresistible free offer, the best way to present your information, what to include in your sidebar and footer, and how to make your site a magnet for new clients and customers. We will also help you plan how visitors will move through your site, experience your brand, and interact with your message. Finally, we will design all aspects of your website including page templates for your main site pages, blog pages, and sales pages, as well as the insertion, formatting, and design of your website content.

Here are some examples of the work that we have undertaken for clients:


If you are a successful entrepreneur or business owner and you’re ready to transform your business into an extraordinary brand that will support you in stepping out and stepping up as an authority to serve in a big way, this is the package for you.

Media: Customized website design
Technologies: CSS, php
Website: http://biohygiene-env.com
Corporate website for health and safety service providers. All professional services are performed by or under the direction of our senior staff members who are certified in the comprehensive practice of Industrial Hygiene (CIH) by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene and who are registered as Professional Engineers and/or Certified as Safety Professionals.


Home Living Style.com
Media: Website and Shopping cart
Technologies: HTML and PHP
Website: www.homelivingstyle.com
Living a comfortable and stylish lifestyle is like choosing a place to stay. Website contains Online Store and CMS for updating content. This website also provides admin facility where admin can delete, add, update information, images and products.


Club City.com
Media: Website
Technologies: HTML and JS
Club City is a multi-speciality food court management and family entertainment company offering an ultimate dining experience with the world class brands under one umbrella. We represented the essence,flavour and its various brands through colors, emotions and fun layout design.

Our workflow consists of several different phases:

CLIENT CONSULTATION: we assess your goals and competition, gather information about your company identity and content, and review your budgets and timelines.

CONCEPT & REVIEW FOR APPROVAL: we explore several design options for the layout of your website and post these for your review. After consulting with you regarding design concepts, implementation of revisions are made to your chosen design direction. Final approval on layout “look and feel” is required before moving on to next phase.

XHTML/CSS CODING & DEVELOPMENT: we convert your approved website page design to high quality, cross-browser compatible valid XHTML/ CSS markup. A sampling of 1-3 dynamic* pages are posted for your approval before finalizing the rest of the website.

SITE DEVELOPMENT/PAGE PRODUCTION: website production is initiated and each page of your website is built to reflect the approved design layout “look and feel”. Testing is implemented to ensure cross-browser compatibility upon completion. Once your pages are complete we will post your website for final approval and upload to the hosting server.

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