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Content Management System

Content management systems allow you to quickly add, edit and remove content, photos or videos without having any technical skills or knowledge. With relative ease, you can manage and update your website content like adding content, links, images or videos to your web pages without the need to contact an outside resource.

We design and develop website content management systems around the exact business requirements of our clients. If you are interested in the installation of a custom built CMS solution or a readily available open CMS solution such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or Mambo.

The below are just some of the benefits of the content management solutions:
•Simple and easy updates
•Saving time and increase efficiency
•Fresh content that keeps your site updated
•Ease of search engine optimization (SEO)

These open source technologies, such as Drupal, Joomla and Mambo, provide cost-effective access to vital resources and components, thereby increasing efficiency, usability and performance of your business website.

Wordpress Development

WordPress started as a popular blogging tool and has now turned into a powerful platform to develop full blown websites. 57PixelMedia has the expertise and knowledge to design and develop custom or template based wordpress site for you.

WordPress is ideal for many blogging sites and its Content Management System (CMS) can even be added to sites that are already built. The system allows you to quickly and easily create blogposts and give a fresh look and feel to your site by incorporate default themes to provide your site with a different look and feel.

Since WordPress is an open source platform, it can be customized and scaled to meet your unique requirements!

Our services include:
•Custom theme design
•HTML integration
•WordPress integration into existing sites
•Building custom features
•Integrating shopping cart.
•Custom development
•Server set up


Joomla is another great open source content management platform developed by a community of thousands of developers. It's stable, robust, and extremely powerful.

We can create CMS sites using your design, or come up with a fresh, unique design to develop and install a robust Joomla site quickly, efficiently, and provide the excellent Joomla CMS support you are looking for.

Our Joomla services include::
•Joomla Installation & Setup (Drupal Deployment)
•Joomla Customization
•Advanced Joomla Customization that requires integration with third party solutions
•Integrating E-commerce Solution supported by Joomlal
•Custom development
•Joomla Testing & Optimization

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